Our Story

Our Belief
Your kitchen is a safe space to create whatever it is that your heart desires. It is a place where you pour your love and passion into something that you'll be able to share with those that you love the most. The heart and the heartbeat of your home. Here at Simple Song, we love the whole process of creating a delicious meal for yourself or to share with your friends and family and that is why we've created our products for you, the silent heroes in the kitchen. We want your time in the kitchen to be seamless and enjoyable by providing you with the cutlery and kitchenware you need that simplifies this process and allows you the ability to focus on creating your best dish to share your love with your loved ones. Whether it's from the initial thought of what you will be creating to prepping the ingredients for your masterpiece or the execution of bringing it all together, we have you in mind when we create our products.


Where It Began
Growing up in a home where food was a reason for everyone to gather around the table and enjoy one’s company, we understood the time, effort and love that is poured into every meal. This was instilled in Owner and Founder of Simple Song, Jason Lor, at a very young age and by the time he was able to wield a knife he began helping his mother whip up various dishes. Having the necessary tools when cooking in the kitchen allows you to focus on what’s important, creating delicious and flavorful meals for your family. In many cultures, food is the way to someone’s heart. We wanted to create the tools that made the process as seamless as possible


The Inspiration and Attention to Detail
At Simple Song, we wanted to help more people gather around the dinner table to eat, laugh and enjoy the company of friends and family. By providing our chefs with the best tools whether at home or in a professional setting, we would allow them to focus on crafting their best meals. We knew that Japanese cutlery is second to none but also realized that even the cheapest of chef knives are outside the reach of many chefs. Therefore we aimed to bridge the gap by creating Japanese inspired chef knives that incorporates all that makes a Japanese knife stellar while utilizing materials that cuts cost but not craftsmanship. We’ve created the perfect knife that’s reasonably priced so you can focus on making that special dish that will gather your people to around the dinner table. Our hope is to bring together the different variations of eastern cookware and cutlery to the masses so we can build community through food and love.